Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's begin!

First off, I am not saying I'm a master at this stuff, and I'm not, I'm still learning things from this game, but I feel that some things should just be shared when I figure them out or as they happen. I also love to paint, when I get in the mood, and thought sometimes people would like to know HOW I came to the scheme I'm on and would like a step by step, so this blog will also be part of this.  Updates will be...sporadic at beast, but I'll try and post what I can as well as battle reports when I have them.  Now, to end this off, there is also a contest for a different kind of wargame going on over at, I'd recommend checking it out, it's a "Poor mans" game it appears in the sense that everyone is hard capped at 5 models MAX, and most of them appear to be around 10 bucks with interesting rules in-tote. just follow the below bag to check 'em out.

Mercs Week on Beasts of War

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